community sparks fund

what is community sparks funding it?

The Community Sparks Fund will award small grants to support your ideas on how prevent crime and make our community safer.

It will provide small grants to individuals and organisations which will enable residents to take local action by organising their own activities and projects to enhance life in North Stonehouse.

It will be administered by NUDGE Community Builders with a simple process of applying to make it easy and accessible for a broad range of people in the community to be able to take part.

The fund will support small initiatives and ideas to enhance an area which will deter anti-social behaviour and make a space more ‘friendly’ and safe for residents.

All that’s required is that the project has a positive impact on the local neighbourhood in ways which help people feel safe, feel a greater sense of belonging and involvement in their neighbourhood.

How can I get a community Sparks Fund grant?

You will have the opportunity to apply for Sparks Funding at one of two levels –

Small Sparks – small-scale projects requiring up to £250. These projects are likely to involve a small number of people, maybe a couple of residents who want to do something close to home to improve the street that they live on.

Big Sparks – Larger-scale projects requiring up to £3000; These projects are likely to involve a larger number of people, to bring people together within a neighbourhood and spark a longer- legacy of collaborating to continue the momentum of positive change.

Applications will be awarded on the merit of the potential impact they will make in the community.

Applications will close on 20 January 2021 and proposed projects must take place in the area covered by Stronger North Stonehouse funding. They must be completed by 31 March 2021.

Applications for  projects  that will have a positive impact on the area immediately adjacent to the areas between Union Street and the project area will also be considered where they can demonstrate that the impact will have a positive benefit to the overall aims of Stronger North Stonehouse bid in reducing crime and the fear of crime in the project area.

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