feel safe scheme


Sadly, the number of vulnerable and lonely people is escalating. But one key element of Stronger North Stonehouse – the Feel Safe Scheme – aims to help many of those vulnerable people feel safer in their homes.

The Feel Safe Scheme will especially help residents who have either become or are at risk of becoming a victim of a crime and anti-social behaviour.

Anyone in the North Stonehouse area can make referrals for works to be done to a person’s property if they feel they need of help and support.

This could be anything from cutting back an overgrown hedge, mending a gate, fence, or path, through to the installation of a security light, door chain, spy hole, window lock, a strong bolt on a gate, or even changing locks.

how it works

Some may also need more sophisticated security systems installed, such as CCTV, which will be left in place for as long as they are required to make them feel safer.

All work is undertaken free of charge, and equipment will be paid for through the Safer Streets project. Installation is organised by the Feel Safe Scheme Co-ordinator for the area who works alongside a group of trusted and insured contractors.

Referrals will also be invited from GPs, social services, the police, fire service, church and charity groups as well as concerned neighbours, friends and family.

If you want to get involved  or know someone who can benefit from the Feel Safe Scheme please complete the referral form and return it to daccwa@devonandcornwall.pnn.police.uk or email hello@strongernorthstonehouse.co.uk.

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