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Find out more about our crime prevention training here. We all want to live in a safe place, free to do the things we like to do without worry and we all want our children to grow up safely. If people come together within communities, the greater the opportunities become for developing a safe community.

If you want something make it happen – nothing comes to those that stand still. Preventing crime has a similar requirement – you need to do something. It’s not difficult so that’s a bonus.

Think about it – if you leave your home do you close your windows and lock your doors? Of course, you do and that is being pro-active. Why – because you don’t want strangers getting into your home to cause damage or take your belongings.

what is crime prevention?

The best way to describe it is that crime prevention involves any activity by an individual or group of people, public or private, which tries to stop crime before it happens.

It is a great feeling to work together to make and keep the communal areas of your home and your community surroundings a place that looks and feels good to live in and work in.

What contribution can you offer to make North Stonehouse the ‘Stronger North Stonehouse’ of the future?

If you believe in making a difference, have some time to help – step forward – make contact and the Safer Streets team behind this ‘one off’ opportunity will help you achieve your goal(s).

Stronger North Stonehouse is offering free training to all members of the community who want to know more about crime prevention.

The course is held online so is COVID secure and is open to all volunteers.

It gives you the chance to listen, discuss, share experiences, learn, apply the knowledge and share your new knowledge with others. Above all work with others, help the vulnerable and make North Stonehouse the ‘Stronger North Stonehouse’ of the future.

Training sessions will be held online over four consecutive evenings from 22 to 25 February. For more information or to register email

More dates will be available in February and March.

For more information email

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