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Do you care about what goes on in your community? Are you fed up with not being heard or feel your opinion doesn’t matter? More importantly, do you want to see North Stonehouse become a safer, friendlier, and stronger place which embraces everyone who lives in the area?
If so, here’s your chance to get involved.
One way the community can get longer lasting benefits from Stronger North Stonehouse is to form a community watch group.
Created through a network of local area co-ordinators, community watches are a way of bringing together people who care, are proud about where they live, and who want to take back their community for the benefit of all.
We want to encourage residents to keep their eyes and ears open, use their local knowledge, report anything suspicious to the police, and most importantly, look out for each other.
Community watches don’t have to concentrate on crime prevention purely. They also encourage a community to engage and find a united voice.
If you feel you can help to get a community watch scheme up and running, please email

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Over the years, Zita Moyse, the founder and now retired chair of North Road West Area Residents’ Association, Patna Green Group and Friends of Victoria Park, and still the area’s Tree Warden, knows only too well the benefits that can be gained from the community working together. She says: “We all live in the same vicinity, and hope most have an interest in the community they live in.
“Since 1986, the NRWARA has worked hard, and it shows with the park and dog walking area, five a side football area, the safe fenced-in play area for younger children and the introduction of the city’s first residents’ parking zone area. “This group also set up The Friends of Victoria Park and put a lot of work into that over the years, including the annual Fun Days and Dog Shows between 1989 and 2004. Now we can build on all the work already done with a group of residents working together.

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“A strong Community Watch group could complete even more by working together, and a community working together can achieve so much when they are genuinely working together! I hope this makes you want to get involved in this new Stronger North Stonehouse community project.”

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Community watch grants

In addition to the Stronger North Stonehouse Sparks Fund the community watch grant scheme is open to groups looking for smaller funding support to enable them to get their projects up and running.

Already, the new Inner City Seeds gardening group has applied for monies to pay for soil and plants for their new community gardening activities, and other community groups are invited to submit their ideas and wish lists.

If you have a project in mind and just need a kick-start up to the value of £75 to help you make things happen, contact Jules Fairman at

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