Stronger North Stonehouse

Who We Are

about us

Stronger North Stonehouse is an ambitious project funded through the Government’s £25 million Safer Streets initiative – North Stonehouse is one of just a few communities to receive more than £500,000 from the project.

Great news, right? But what exactly is Safer Streets? And how will we in North Stonehouse benefit?

We know that North Stonehouse has a vibrant and close-knit community with many wonderful people working hard to make a difference.

But, at the same time North Stonehouse does see high levels of burglary, violence, anti-social behaviour and drug crime. You are three times more likely to be burgled in North Stonehouse than other parts of the city.

Stronger North Stonehouse

what we do

SNS aims to help the community drive out these crimes and in doing so improve the area’s reputation.

There’s strong evidence that crimes like these can be prevented by either removing opportunities to commit crime or by increasing the chances of an offender being caught.

Things like good quality CCTV, improved home security, Neighbourhood Watch schemes, better street lighting and more advice on crime prevention are proved to stop these crimes and make communities safer.

SNS will introduce all these things and more