Join us for a Community Coffee

EVER wanted to be able to speak face to face with people from the organisations who may be able to help you live a happier and safer life.

Well, join us this Thursday, March 3, between 1 pm -2.30 pm to get just that opportunity with the launch of Community Coffee.

Every month representatives from the police, the city council, housing associations, fire service and other community groups will get together to talk about things that matter to residents.

The other dates are:

  • Thursday 28th April 1pm-2:30pm  – Frederick Street
  • Thursday 23rd June 2pm – 3:30pm– Union Corner
  • Thursday 18th August 1pm-2:30pm  – Talk Shop
  • Thursday 13th October  1pm-2:30pm  – Frederick Street
  • Thursday 8th December 1pm-2:30pm   – Union Corner

MP Luke POLLARD will be present on 23 June.


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