Keeping your home safe from crime is easier than you think

Until someone becomes a victim of a crime, has witnessed a crime or had firsthand experience due to their closeness to one or the other, it can be hard to understand how shocking it can be.

However, it is reassuring to know that there is a lot a person can do to prevent themselves from becoming a victim of crime.

There are many reasons why people commit a crime, and many principles of crime prevention. It’s also good to gain an understanding of how crime prevention works in the community.

You can learn about these factors by enrolling for a FREE two-day crime prevention course run by Devon and Cornwall Police and supported by the Stronger North Stonehouse project.

The course discusses why crime happens, relevant legislation, local policies, and key partnerships, and how you can play a role in providing practical crime prevention advice.

A specially trained police officer will show you domestic security products and explain product standards, and how they tie into recommendations made as part of a site security survey of a residential building. You will review the security of your own using your newly acquired knowledge.

Finally, you will undertake a practical exercise to apply what is called the Onion Peeling Principle in a site security survey exercise of one or two buildings.

By applying to attend the training course, you will better understand the subject and can cascade the learning to others in your community to help them defeat criminality.  

You never need to be alone when thinking of ways to reduce crime in North Stonehouse because there are critical partnerships associated with crime prevention. 

For example, joining others to create area improvement schemes can deter drug use in a park or curb noisy neighbours.

Volunteer and join a community-based charity that has a focus on improving your area.  Show that you care and encourage others to keep your local area clean and safe – you can, of course, sit back, do nothing and moan about it.  The better option is to do something – you will feel better for it.

Getting to understand why crime happens is the building block to understanding what and where you can make the most significant difference for the time and energy you can contribute.

Crime happens because of three things:  there must be a location where the offence takes place, an offender (the person or persons that commit the offence) and a target/victim (premises or thing and a person or persons that will suffer the consequences). Take away any one and crime cannot happen.  

Knowing this will start to bring together the understanding of what you can do to deter crime, protect others and either reduce or prevent crime happening in the first place. 

The next free online course will take place from 25-28 January from 4pm-8pm – to enroll or to ask for more information please email:


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