Bringing art and colour to parks

Like so many areas, North Stonehouse is no stranger to the unwelcome sight of graffiti and ‘tagging’. At its best, street art can be inspiring, uplifting, provocative and thought-provoking however much of what appears overnight on freshly painted walls are viewed as pointless at best and at worst, threatening and intimidating.

Last summer, Friends of Wyndham Square worked with the artist collective, LOCI and local children, to create a stunning mural stretching the length of Newswick Park transforming a grey, graffiti-littered wall into a colourful and welcoming backdrop for the park.

Across the area, Plymouth Artists Together have been transforming derelict buildings, sub-stations and other graffiti-targeted areas into wonderful and vibrant backdrops that make Stonehouse a more colourful and friendlier place to live.

Cliik Community will be working with local artists over the coming months to transform some of the most targeted graffiti-covered walls and spaces with artwork that brings to life and reflects the diversity and rich history of the area.

Preparations are already underway to transform the sub-station owned by Western Power in Patna Park. Artists Camilla Rose and Joe Meldrum have been creating stunning designs with ideas collected from the families who regularly use the park.

The mural which will be painted in December will reflect the history of the site as an old railway, the damage created during the Second World War and the diversity of the community that now use the park.

It will also feature a large-scale map of North Stonehouse highlighting many of the most prominent historical and community features of the area forming a part of the ‘way-making to help people navigate their way through the rich history of this area.

We really want to find out what spaces you would like to see transformed in North Stonehouse.

If you want to nominate a wall, a building, a telephone-junction box that annoys you because of the graffiti, do get in touch with Cliik, by email: or message them on the Cliik Facebook page: @CliikCommunityPlymouth.


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